Matthew Orchard.

Freelance digital marketing, based in Dorset

Full Digital Marketing audit

I’m sure you’ve dabbled a bit in the digital marketing field, set up a Facebook page? Twitter? Or even a Website? Do you if these are working for you? Where should you concentrate your efforts?

Using my fine-toothed comb (Ok not a real comb, but my certified expertise) I will audit your current Digital Marketing efforts to uncover any gaps and opportunities there are for your business and how you can optimise for those opportunities.

Monthly Marketing Services

Whether you’re too busy to do it or confused by the size of the task ahead. I’m here to help, my Monthly Marketing Packages are designed with you in mind, to make digital marketing easy. If you don’t think one suits you, just ask, we can always customise them for you.

Digital Marketing Strategies

You want to do it yourself, that's ok, I get it. Well, my single-use marketing is here to guide you on your way. These are one-off marketing services, that set you on your way to success! From SEO strategy to social strategy, and everything in between.

Certified Digital Marketing Freelancer



I’m an all-round Digital Marketing Professional based in Poole. I’ve got a lot of experience with social media, although I am certified in all the fields under the digital marketing umbrella. I’m certified by the Digital Marketing Institute, HubSpot and Hootsuite, meaning I can offer Hootsuite management. 


I’m different from other marketing agencies and consultants because I only work for a select few clients at a time – meaning I can concentrate on and give my all to those clients delivering my best work. My retainer clients love that they get access to my experience and hard work ethic yet don’t have the overheads of employing someone.     

Why choose me?


Big impersonal agencies have lots of overheads increasing their prices. You could hire me as an outsourced team member for a fraction of the price.


If my clients succeed then I succeed. Working for myself means that it’s in my best interests that I help you get the best ROI possible from your investment in me.


It requires a lot of research into a client’s specific industry to be able to deliver a successful campaign. I have become a fanatical reader in a diverse range of subjects.


I regularly meet and have coffee with my clients. That way we can both get to know each other! It's always best to work with people you like!


I hate the phrase ‘one size fits all’ because usually, it doesn’t. All chosen work is tailored for you, and you only. This way it puts you in the best position possible to generate the right results


I believe its important to be completely open and transparent in everything you do. Keeping you fully in the know with the work that I’m doing and the performance that is being achieved.


Do you want to grow your business online, but not sure where to start?

Are you unsure about how to nurture the leads you have? How do you get more web traffic and conversions? How can you make sure your website is appearing locally in the search results?

In one of my free consultations, we can discuss these problems and come up with solutions tailored to you. 

Free consultation with a certified digital marketing professional

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